How to apply for a bachelor's programme?

Thank you for your interest in studying at Wageningen University & Research!

As a prospective first year bachelor’s student you can submit a request to be enrolled for one of our bachelor’s programmes. On this page you can find all the information you need regarding your application.

Admission requirements

One of the admission requirements is that the general level of your previous education is at least equal to the level of the Dutch Pre-University (VWO) diploma. Please check which option is applicable to your situation:

Application and admission deadlines

Please check which deadlines apply to you. You have to apply via Studielink and submit your application in the application portal before the indicated deadlines.

Application in Studielink Submit application documents in Osiris application portal*
Non-EU/non-EFTA nationals 15 April 1 May
EU/EFTA nationals 15 June 1 July
Dutch nationals without Dutch VWO diploma 15 June 1 July
Dutch nationals with Dutch VWO diploma 1 August Not applicable

*Please submit your application documents as soon as possible. There is no need to wait until you are graduated and it will not increase your chances of admission. The sooner you submit at least a list of marks, the sooner you know if you are (conditional) admissible or not

Application process

Once you have checked our admission requirements, please find the application process below.

Apply via Studielink for the Wageningen University bachelor’s programme of your choice. In case you won’t obtain a Dutch pre-university (VWO) diploma you will receive an email with further information and a link to the Wageningen University application portal (Osiris) once you have finished your application in Studielink.

2. Wageningen University Application Portal (Osiris)

Applicants without a Dutch pre-university (VWO) diploma will need to complete their registration in the Wageningen University application portal (Osiris). Don’t forget to submit your application in the application portal, otherwise we cannot start the evaluation of your credentials. In order to start the evaluation of your credentials we only require a recent list of marks. We will always contact you in case we need additional information for the evaluation. Once we have evaluated your application you will receive a letter stating whether or not you have been (conditionally) admitted and on which conditions.

3. Matching

In the Netherlands it is by law obligatory for all new first year students to complete a study choice check (online questionnaire) specific for the program you want to be enrolled in. Please visit this website for further information.

4. Documents for admission

We need to receive the certified documents as mentioned in your personal result letter* before the following deadlines.

Deadline for receiving certified documents for admission
Non-EU/non-EFTA nationals 1 July**
EU/EFTA nationals 31 August
Dutch nationals without Dutch VWO diploma 31 August
Dutch nationals with Dutch VWO diploma 31 August***

*Not applicable for students with a Dutch VWO diploma

**In case you receive your diploma results between 1 and 15 July your documents are still accepted if we receive them the latest by 15 July

*** Dutch VWO diplomas are usually automatically verified via DUO, you can check this yourself in Studielink. Please note that pre-university (VWO) certificates usually aren't verified automatically via DUO. We ask you to contact us as soon as you obtain these certificates

5. Payment of the Tuition Fees

EU and EFTA nationals see a new task in their 'My to do list' in Studielink from May 1 onwards. Non-EU and non-EFTA nationals will receive an invoice after being (conditionally) admitted. The Student Finance Department will start sending invoices from April onwards. We need to receive your payment before the following deadlines:

Where are you from? Payment deadline
Dutch nationals with Dutch VWO diploma 31 August
Dutch nationals without Dutch VWO diploma 31 August
EU/EFTA nationals 31 August
Non-EU/non-EFTA nationals 1 July

6. Visa and Residence permit application (only applicable to non-EU/non EFTA students)

After we have received your admission documents and you have paid the tuition fees, Wageningen University will start the application of your Visa/Residence Permit. We don’t arrange entry visa based on predicted grades or expected graduation dates. We are aware that this implies that sometimes students are not able to start the programme in September of the current year but have to wait for an additional year.

Submitting an appeal

When you disagree with the decision about your admission to a degree programme, you may submit an appeal. You will follow the procedure stated underneath.

Step 1. Get in touch with the Admissions Office through this contact form. Indicate that you do not agree with the decision and ask for an explanation.

Step 2. The Admissions Office will reply and explain their decision. If you are unable to reach a solution within 3 to 4 weeks, you may consider to start a formal procedure to submit an appeal.

Step 3. You have to submit your formal appeal within 6 weeks after the initial decision about your admission was made. Visit this webpage for more information about submitting an appeal.

PLEASE NOTE: The appeal period is not suspended during steps 1 and 2!