Animal farming systems

The food system and livestock farming deal with many sustainability challenges. We face climate change, environmental impacts of animal production and biodiversity loss. At the same time, urbanisation, a growing world population and increasing demand for (animal) protein form factors in the discussion on how to feed the world. Experts of Wageningen Livestock Research study the role of animals within the food system and, in doing that, strive to improve the quality of life for humans, animals and nature.

What we can do for you?

We offer clients expertise on measuring environmental impacts (both positive and negative) while understanding the underlying processes. Our researchers use scientific knowledge and practical experience to develop livestock farming concepts and solutions for future generations. In addition to substantive expertise, we provide facilitators for innovation processes at system, area and farm level. Our expertise includes:

    • Developing profitable livestock farming system innovations and socially desired improvements
    • Creating interactive designs at different scale levels
    • Knowledge of nature-inclusive types of animal farming, such as agroforestry
    • Performing comprehensive environmental impact analyses of animal husbandry (sub)systems

    Contact the head of our department, Frank Gort, and formulate a suitable solution for your knowledge questions on livestock farming systems together.