BSc/MSc Thesis Projects

Welcome! If you are looking for a topic for your BSc and/or MSc thesis, you are at the right place: we have a wide variety of research topics in which you can actively participate and contribute to the development of 21th century science!
Below you will find a description of ongoing research projects within the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry (ORC) in which you can participate for your BSc and/or MSc thesis.
If you already have a fair idea in which direction you would like to continue your thesis research, please contact the most relevant ORC faculty member. If you do not have a very specific idea yet, then please contact Dr. Simone Ruggeri or Dr. Fedor Miloserdov for further information.

Very much looking forward to YOUR contribution!

Prof.dr Han Zuilhof

Dr Maarten Smulders

Dr Bauke Albada

Dr Louis de Smet

Dr Fedor Miloserdov

Dr Guanna Li

Dr Gert Salentijn

Dr Laura Righetti

Dr Francesco Simone Ruggeri