Research of the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Group

Research of the MCB group contributes to scientific knowledge on marketing and consumer behaviour, especially where this is relevant for agribusiness, food industry, and food consumption.

Research program

The research program consists of two pillars: marketing and consumer behaviour. Firms need to understand consumers’ preference formation and consumer behaviour to develop successful products and services. Our research into consumers’ buying and consumption behaviour focuses on how commercial and social marketing can anticipate and respond to consumer behaviour. Likewise, knowledge of customer behaviour is the driver behind a firm’s marketing strategy, and provides information for firms to develop new marketing strategies.

General topics are:

  • Gaining insight into marketing strategy and marketing channels.
  • Understanding marketing institutions that facilitate exchange processes, with a focus on auctions and futures markets.
  • Understanding consumers’ buying behaviour.
  • Understanding food consumption behaviour.
  • Improving consumer research methodology, to obtain relevant information about consumers.

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PhD program

The MCB Group considers PhD candidates and MSc/BSc students as essential part of the research program. During their thesis, MSc/Bsc students are challenged to contribute to ongoing research, which sometimes leads to co-authored publication of student theses. PhD candidates work together with several staff members on research projects and take courses in various national and international PhD education programs. Many of our PhD candidates have successful scientific careers after finishing their dissertation, both in The Netherlands and abroad.

Research facilities

The Marketing and Consumer Behaviour group coordinates the Consumer Research Room facility in the basement of the Leeuwenborch building. This is a flexible all-purpose consumer research facility, with various equipment for data collection (e.g., virtual reality, eye-tracker, heart rate measurement, shelf displays, vending machine, set-up for focus group discussions). In addition, we often conduct online research by e-mail invitation.