Species-rich grassland - the green machine

If species-rich grassland can become the basis for sustainable dairy farming, this will have major benefits for biodiversity, landscape and climate. This project therefore takes an interdisciplinary approach towards herbaceous grassland: from ecology, soil and water, production, dairy farming and the chain. Successful dissemination and good impact are expected through cooperation in the Green Circle Cheese & Soil Subsidence, a partnership of a dairy company, a farmers’ cooperative, a province, a bank, a water board and WUR, focused at the region of Alblasserwaard.

This project develops a typology of species-rich grassland in dairy farming. The project develops indicators for the self-monitoring of biodiversity by farmers, examines the species composition of herbaceous grasslands, feed quantity and quality, integration into the farming system, the attitude of farmers and revenue models through the chain and result-based payments.