Dutch Forest Inventory

The sixth Dutch Forestry Inventory (NFI6) was commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. The fieldwork was carried out in 2012-2013, and the final report was published in 2014.

The purpose of the inventory was to provide a clear and up-to-date picture of the state of Dutch forests and to monitor any developments that had taken place since the previous inventory, the Meetnet Functievervulling (MFV, conducted 2001-2005).

The results of NFI6 play an important role in the Dutch government’s efforts to meet its international reporting obligations for carbon sequestration (under the terms of the Kyoto Protocol) and international surveys, including the Forest Resource Assessment (FRA) of the FAO and Forest Europe (formerly MCPFE). The results of these surveys contribute to overall reports such as the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010 and State of Europe’s Forests 2011. The inventory also provides professionals in the Dutch forestry and conservation sector with useful and topical information.

Measurements were recorded at 3,190 sampling points, which were selected with the aid of the Basiskaart Natuur 2009 (BKN2009), topographical maps which form the basis for the Dutch reports for the land-use sector of the Kyoto Protocol. The results were made available for the Kyoto reports in October 2013. The underlying data can be freely accessed as an MS Access database on the website of Probos.

Publications (in Dutch):