Biodiverse environment

Biodiverse Environment

Everything we eat is directly or indirectly derived from either wild or domesticated biodiversity. The bulk of what we build with, make medicines from and use as industrial raw materials comes from biological resources. Many forms of tourism revolve around nature. Biodiversity represents enormous economic value, and at least 40% of the world economy and 80% of the needs of the world’s poorest depend on biological resources.

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Biodiversity provides medical discoveries, economic development and adaptation to new challenges like climate change - but we are losing our biodiversity at an alarming rate.

We urgently need to see nature as a partner that delivers ‘life and life support’ and not just a resource that can be unsustainably exploited. To do so we need more innovation for the restoration and management of biodiversity, the creation of resilient ecosystems that can resist climate change, pollution and their impacts and which can continue to provide us with essential goods and services now and in the future.

Together with our clients and partners, Wageningen Environmental Research looks for solutions to conserve and stimulate biodiversity not only by applying our scientific knowledge of nature conservation, but also by identifying and responding to change. We are a knowledge partner for funders, policymakers, legislators and regulators, supporters, users, philanthropists and managers of governmental agencies, commercial parties and NGOs.

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