Personalised nutrition

Insights in food consumption

We help you gain insight into the purchasing behaviour and dietary patterns of consumers for different food products in different contexts, individually and collectively. We identify the determining factors and point the way towards the realisation of behavioural change.

Knowledge of healthy diets alone is not sufficient for lasting changes in consumer behaviour. We provide insights into all critical factors that play a role.
Arjen Daane

We provide these insights by deploying a personalised approach in which analysis and evidence-based advice play a central role. We draw upon extensive, current data and our wide-ranging knowledge of international consumer segments.

Personalised nutrition and health

We want to create a society in which every individual is able to follow an eating pattern that precisely meets their needs. Whether we are talking about athletes, people on low incomes or in sedentary office jobs, personalised nutrition can support different types of consumers to benefit from healthy dietary choices.

The Use Cases from within the Personalised Nutrition & Health research programme, identify the possibilities for specific target groups. By actively participating in the Use Cases, participating organisations can learn from their experience and findings, which will add value and benefit to their business objectives.

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Behavioural interventions

We have determined the effects of many interventions aimed at healthy eating on both consumer behaviour and on those who implement the interventions. This has been done for a long-term strategic level as well as their applicability in daily life.

An example is the Food Value Impact project, which develops interventions that encourage consumers to make healthier and more sustainable food choices in their working environment, outdoors and online. Based on the research results, organisations can take measures that respond to the physical or social environment of consumers and the personal characteristics of consumers, thus promoting healthier eating habits.

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Consumer insights


Consumers are increasingly looking for information about their diet and the impact of their choices. We have developed a new method to collect data on food consumption patterns: FoodProfiler. This app provides insight into who eats food and what, where, why and how it is eaten. FoodProfiler offers valuable and reliable insights into consumption patterns that are useful for consumers, researchers and businesses.

Research infrastructure

We are actively involved in the development of a research infrastructure for food, nutrition and health. This infrastructure supports the scientific analysis of the relations between the food supply chain, food innovation, food behaviour, food consumption and lifestyle and how these relations are or can be influenced by policy and industry. This way organisations are enabled to build their strategies and advice on solid evidence.

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