About SWU Thymos

SWU Thymos is the sports foundation of Wageningen University and represents the interests of all student athletes in Wageningen. The foundation's objective is to make as many students as possible move and work out; this is done by acting as an umbrella organisation over all student sports associations and by organising various events.

The word Thymos comes from the ancient Greece. Plato was the first to use it when he was philosophizing about the contribution of sports to society. It means 'enrichment of the soul's energy through physical exercise'. The objective of SWU Thymos, as described in our statutes, is stimulating all students in Wageningen to exercise. SWU Thymos tries to accomplish this by representing (the interests of) all student athletes in Wageningen.

Student Sports Council

The Board is part of the Student Sports Council (SSC) of SWU Thymos. The SSC includes, beside the Board, all student sports associations. This board is advised by the Advisory Committee, consisting of former Board members. The treasurer of the Board is advised by an auditing committee, consisting of former treasurers.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is the advisory body of SWU Thymos. It consists of former Board members of SWU Thymos, which provide counsel on all sorts of matters. The Board and the Advisory Committee meet several times a year to discuss the affairs of SWU Thymos.

The Advisory Committee currently consists of Dewi Spenrath, Wike Wesseler, Eline Koetsier, Anne Walters, Sifre van Teeffelen, Janiek van de Rijdt, Brenda Langevoort, Maarten Braakhuis and Abel Drost.

Board of SWU Thymos '23/'24

Left to right: Floor Venemans, Kjell Tolsma, Marrit Bosch
Left to right: Floor Venemans, Kjell Tolsma, Marrit Bosch