About SWU Thymos

SWU Thymos is the sports foundation of Wageningen University and represents the interests of all student athletes in Wageningen. The foundation's objective is to make as many students as possible move and work out; this is done by acting as an umbrella organisation over all student sports associations and by organising various events.

The word Thymos comes from the ancient Greece. Plato was the first to use it when he was philosophizing about the contribution of sports to society. It means 'enrichment of the soul's energy through physical exercise'. The objective of SWU Thymos, as described in our statutes, is stimulating all student sports rights holders to exercise. Thymos tries to accomplish this by representing (the interests of) all student athletes in Wageningen.

General Board

The Daily Board is part of the General Board of Thymos. The General Board includes, beside the Daily Board, all student sports associations. This board is advised by the Advisory Board, consisting of former Daily Board members. The treasurer of the Daily Board is advised by an auditing committee, consisting of former treasurers.

Recreation Board

The Recreation Board represents athletes with sports rights who are not affiliated with a student sports association; the so-called recreational athletes. The Recreation Board has been non-active since 2004 and previous attempts to revive it have failed. Recreational athletes compose approximately 50% of all sports rights holders in Wageningen. So it is very important that the interests of these athletes are represented, especially because the General Board represents only 2500 people instead of the 5000 sports rights holders that SWU Thymos tries to represent.
As long as the Recreation Board is non-active, the Daily Board of Thymos will look after its tasks.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is the advisory body of SWU Thymos. It consists of former Daily Board members of Thymos, which provide counsel on all sorts of matters. The Daily Board and the Advisory Board meet several times a year to discuss the affairs of SWU Thymos.

The Advisory Board consists of Lisanne Hofman, Dewi Spenrath, Bart Vilier, Ilse Plantinga, Daan Krekels, Rijk Dersjant, Charlotte Stam, Jeroen Sonneman and Els Huizing

Daily Board of SWU Thymos '20/'21

left to right: Joran de Bie, Wike Wesseler, Lotte Wouters, Simon Bakker, Eline Koetsier & Tinko Jans
left to right: Joran de Bie, Wike Wesseler, Lotte Wouters, Simon Bakker, Eline Koetsier & Tinko Jans