Starting the thesis project

On the first day of your thesis project, your supervisor will introduce you to the group and Marjan de Lange will deal with some administrative issues. At the beginning of the project you and your supervisor will draw up a contract to determine the contents of your thesis, the time schedule, the supervisors, etc. Moreover it will be compulsory to follow a safety course, since you have to be aware of the risks of your activities in the lab and know the rules for safety. Normally you start your project by reading literature to have more background knowledge about your subject. Together with your supervisor you will decide when to start with the actual research. Within 3 weeks you'll write a work assignment about the background and the goals of your research. After discussion and approval by your supervisor the work assignment is distributed among all FPE group members. It is useful to include a picture in the form.

FPE is having their group meeting on Thursday mornings, starting at 8.30h. We expect all group members (as a thesis student you are seen as one of our group members) to attend the plenary group meetings. It is our habit that new group members present themselves by mentioning your name, your research subject and the name of your supervisor.