Scientific Publishing

This one-day workshop provides insight and awareness in the process, rules, ethical aspects of writing and publishing. For: PhD candidates and postdocs.

No science without publishing. Careers are increasingly dependent on what a person has written and where it is published. Likewise, PhD candidates are expected to publish their work, which can be seen as one of the deliverables of the PhD work. Being generally new in this arena, young scientists may be in oblivion towards the rules and regulations with respect to scientific writing. In other words: what are the rules? What is allowed, what is not done? What and where are the ethical boundaries?

These aspects are of importance in the current publish-or-perish situation in which maximizing of output is often prevalent; research increasingly is sponsored by third parties who have an interest in the results and time pressure has increased considerable for PhD candidates to produce publishable results.

Target group: PhD candidates and postdocs.