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Library for Learning (L4L)

The Library for Learning (L4L) is a portal to search and find educational resources created by Wageningen teachers. The portal includes hundreds of teaching materials from WUR, such as videos, e-modules, audioclips, and infographics. The L4L portal aims to be a source of inspiration and reusable material.


The L4L allows you to share your work both within and outside WUR. You are invited to add your own digital educational material!

In the L4L you can easily upload your material through the new upload form. To access the new upload form go to L4L and in the menu click on 'Upload material'. All teachers of Wageningen University & Research can upload material in the L4L. If you don't see 'Upload material' in the menu please contact the L4L.

To access the new upload form go to L4L and in the menu click on 'Upload material'.
To access the new upload form go to L4L and in the menu click on 'Upload material'.

During the upload process you can indicate if you want to share your material with WUR colleagues only, or open with all L4L visitors. In case of open sharing, you need to add a copyright license to the material such as a Creative Commons (CC) license. More information about licensing can be found on the webpages of the Copyright Information Point (CIP) and on the L4L upload form.

You can help us improve the descriptive quality of the material in the L4L by providing good titles, keywords, and a short description of the content (so called metadata). For knowledge clips, additional information is obtained and indexed from the autocue text and the text in the slides. The more relevant information you give, the more easily an object can be discovered by other teachers.


Digital educational materials are often scattered over different servers, networks, and personal and local drives. The L4L aims to help teachers to search and find educational materials in one database.

In the L4L, you can simultaneously search several collections, filter by source, type and contributor, and retrieve the original educational object in one click. The L4L contains metadata and descriptive information of educational materials from different collections. The educational objects themselves are managed and stored in several collections, such as the Knowledge clips (WURtv-Yuja). The L4L regularly harvests the metadata of the records. The quality of the metadata depends on the available information in the different collections and on the quality of metadata that teachers provide when uploading their material.


Reuse can be using the material as it is, adapting it to your needs, or just drawing on it as a source of inspiration. 

The L4L is publicly available. Everyone can search and find our educational materials and reuse them as indicated by the Creative Commons license. Some materials can only be accessed and reused by WUR staff. If you want to reuse these materials, please contact the author(s) of the material to avoid overlap between courses.