Gifts to the collection of WUR Library

The Library welcomes gifts to its collection. Due to a lack of storage space and high processing costs, we can only accept gifts that meet certain criteria.

When does the Library accept a gift?

  • The gift donor has or had a working relationship with Wageningen University & Research (WUR) or one of its predecessors.
  • The gift is not yet available in the Library’s collection. This also applies to older editions of books.
  • The theme of the gifted material fits within Wageningen University & Research’s research and education fields, i.e. agriculture, environment and nutrition in the broadest sense of the word.
  • Publications that are to be donated have been produced by WUR or its predecessors or have been contributed to by a WUR researcher.
  • Supplements to our active or discontinued journals/series will only be accepted if they fill an important gap in the collection. No printed material will be accepted if there is a digital copy available.
  • The material becomes the library’s property and can be made available to its users.

The Library will not accept the following material

  • Reprints, folders, brochures and other such material.
  • Old theses and student reports.
  • Printed material that is also digitally available, e.g. dissertations from other universities, reports from non-Wageningen University & Research institutes.

Old and rare material

Exceptions can be made for pre-1900 material and rare material, e.g. photographs or drawings that fall within WUR's areas of specialty. Would you like to donate pre-1900 or rare material? Then please contact the Special Collections curator.

When a gift is accepted

Because processing a gift is time consuming and costly, the Library may ask you to contribute to the gift’s processing costs if you donate a large gift. When donating a gift, please provide a clear description of your gift, including the title, author, edition and publication year.


Are you considering donating material to WUR Library? Please contact the Library beforehand. You can send an email to forum.library@wur.nl.

Updated September 2022