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Copyrights and licenses

Wageningen University & Research Image Collections are annotated photographs, maps, drawings and other images from units of Wageningen University & Research (WUR). The material in the Image Collections is intended for personal use. In most cases, rights apply to the images in the collections.

Terms of use, copyrights and licences

The material in WUR Image Collections is intended for personal use. In most cases, rights apply to the images in our collections, such as copyrights and/or portrait rights. Reproduction and/or disclosure in any form is permitted only after permission from the copyright owner.

Copyrights and credits

Copyrights: WUR Image Collections indicates copyright owners for each of the collections in the grey text box on each collection page.

Credits: When you want to use an image in a publication or on a website, we kindly request you to contact the copyright owner for information how to attribute. This information can be found on each collection page.

WUR Image Collections may help you find copyright owners, but will not mediate between parties.

Some collections or images have Creative Commons licenses. These public licenses are legal tools that give permission in advance to use and share works, on the conditions indicated by the type of licence. More information on the different Creative Commons licences can be found in our FAQ on Creative Commons, and on the Creative Commons website.

The user is deemed to be aware of all relevant copyright laws. WUR Image Collections is not responsible for the use of material from its collections. More information on copyrights in general can be found on (in Dutch).


Wageningen University & Research - Image Collections is composed and managed with great care. Nevertheless, inaccuracies may occur. Please contact us if you find that your rights are infringed by work(s) disclosed in the WUR Image Collections, and/or if (personal) information is not displayed properly.

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