Analysing citations and research networks

WUR Library staff can support citation analyses of researchers who do not have or who have not completed their output in Staff Publications (e.g., external researchers or new employees).

Library staff will create citation reports based on Web of Science publications, Essential Science Indicators or, in some cases, SciVal. The WUR library can also help with network visualization of individuals or groups by using VOSviewer.

Citation analysis

Library staff can help create citation analyses to evaluate of WUR researchers in tenure track positions.

Library staff can produce citation reports for Advisory Appointment Committees (BAC) to evaluate potential candidates. Committees are asked to notify Library staff in advance of potential citations analyses. The analyses will be scheduled according to the Committee’s time frame. Note that the Library needs at least 1 week to schedule and perform citation analyses.

Network visualization

Mapping bibliometric networks with VOSviewer visualize research output. Using a set of publications from an individual researcher or a group, Library staff can map internal and external collaborations based on co-authorship of articles or on co-citations.